That which created the body heals the body.

Barrie, Ontario

Watering Whole Wellness


Our Story

Against the backdrop of Canadian sick-care and abusive regulatory bodies, Watering Whole Wellness has emerged with a new vision to put power back into the hands of the patient.

Our Vision

We envision a near-future in which health and vitality is the normality, thanks to individuals taking informed responsibility over their healing and wellness management.

Our Services

We offer a broad variety of health related services to our members. These include personalized consultations, empowering information and new healing modalities.

Our Focus

01 / New paradigm

Actualizing health improvements through health literacy and freedom of choice.

02 / Root cause

Energy, Light, Frequency, vibration, water, and mitophysics is responsible for most if not all, building blocks of health, wellness or disordered states.

03 / Individualized Care

Individualized Whole person care (body, mind, spirit) approach is required to achieve your goals of personal wellness

04 / Affordable

We believe that health care should be affordable and accessible for your personal needs

05 / Community Building

Connecting individuals who share a common journey, and building a resilient network of people that care for each other.

06 / Privacy and Respect

Privacy and respect of all health journeys and choices is a core principle in our patient relationships.

Water is life giving and life promoting. A watering hole in the natural world is a sacred and abundant source of life and healing. It is also a space of NEUTRALITY for gathering and socializing. Neutrality is what gives life to equality; and, as such is the foundation where self growth and trusted community building occur free of any judgement. Watering Whole Wellness offers noble health and care facilitation that promotes self determination and honours every individual member equally. We bring together all of the most essential building blocks for health, healing, and wellness in an affordable expansive new private membership association and clinic.


Access to in person and/or on-line weekly educational workshops on important topics and principles that are the source for healing and personal growth.

Group Meditations

Group meditations utilizing our unique technology that creates surrounding coherence for deeper entrainment.

Quarterly Challenges

Quarterly challenges to help you develop and embody new habits and patterns.

Empowering Information

New topic each month to go deeper into your self-guided and empowered healing journey.

Library Access

Access to content library filled with countless hours of research and study materials for your self directed learning.

Cutting Edge

Innovative cutting edge health and healing modalities.

And much more!